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PRESTAN Infant Ultralite® Diversity kit

PRESTAN Infant Ultralite® Diversity kit

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PRESTAN Infant Ultralite® Manikin, 6 Medium & 6 Dark Skin, with CPR Feedback

  • Product Info

    • The PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin is our most portable manikin, easy to transport & ship and simple to setup, use & clean.
    • Available with CPR Feedback only, in convenient and lightweight Single, 4-pack and 12-packs for efficient training on-the-go. This durable manikin offers an affordable method for CPR training, with all the quality and realism you expect from PRESTAN.
    • Fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.
    • Available in medium or dark skin tones and in Single, 4-Pack or 12-Pack configurations; Diversity Kits also available.
    • 3yr Limited Warranty
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